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Welcome to our acupuncture site.
We are a part of the renowned Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic, founded by osteopath, Torben Hersborg.

Acupuncture is a highly rewarding field of medicine which combines ancient wisdom with modern knowledge.

The aim of acupuncture isn’t, in fact, just to cure people of their ailments, but our acupuncturists aim to rebalance the body’s energy systems, maximising the body’s ability to heal itself and boosting its immune systems.

Our acupuncturists are highly experienced, Ann Bradford, many years senior teacher of acupuncture at the University of Westminster and Neesha Peraera, who apart from classical chinese acupuncture specialises in cosmetic acupuncture.

Acupuncture complements the other treatments offered at the London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics and although it is often used in conjunction with osteopathy, physiotherapy or sports massage, it is an incredibly effective treatment in its own right.
Most people are aware that acupuncture is effective in treating the full range of muscular-skeletal problems, pre-menstrual syndrome, migraine and period pain, but acupuncturists can also help in treating addictions, depression and anxiety, sleeping problems (in adults and children) and many other complaints.

Acupuncture, which originated in China more than 3000 years ago, has been accepted as a natural, safe and effective method to treat pain without the unwanted side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
According to the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, acupuncture is useful as a primary therapy for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain problems, including muscle spasms, sprains, repetitive strain disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, myofascial pain conditions (e.g., muscle tension headaches, soft tissue pain in the neck, regional shoulder pain and headaches).
The World Health Organization recommends acupuncture for disorders such as tennis elbow, sciatica, low back pain, headache, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy and more.
Acupuncture is effective in reducing pain due to its ability to increase the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids and release endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.
The functional MRI has shown predictable and reproducible changes in very specific areas of the brain when acupuncture needles are placed in specific sites around the body. The placement of acupuncture needles at specific pain points have been found to release endorphins, opioids, immune system cells and neurotransmitters in the brain.
Acupuncture is a safe, natural and effective method of treating all types of pain without the unwanted side effects of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, such as gastric bleeding, ulcers, liver and kidney problems, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness.

What is acupuncture?
There is universal life energy called Qi present in every living creature. This energy circulates throughout the body along specific pathways that are called meridians. As long as this energy flows freely throughout the meridians, health is maintained, but once the flow of energy is blocked, the system is disrupted and pain and illness occur. Acupuncture works to restore normal functions by stimulating certain points on the meridians in order to balance the Qi energy.

Acupuncture Influences the central and peripheral nervous system.
Releases endorphins from the brain which make acupuncture particularly effective in pain control.
Works with the body, harmonizing and balancing vital functions.
Improves circulation and allows the body to heal itself more quickly and completely.

Even if you have never had acupuncture before, rest assured that your experience with our acupuncturists will be a very pleasant one.
The acuppuncturists in the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinic have great experience in looking after people who might have an initial fear of needles, and the acupuncture needles used are so thin that the pain receptors in the skin do not register them.



With acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports injury clinics in kings cross and Shoreditch, we are conveniently located for Central London, the City, North, West, South and East London.
Our Pentonville Road clinic is serving Islington, Kings Cross, Euston, St Pancras, Moorgate, West end, Camden, City, Chelsea, Harley Street, Kensington, Knightsbridge and post codes: N1, W1, W2, W8, NW1, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1 for a complete health care.
Our Hoxton clinic is convenient for Shoreditch, City, Hackney, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street and post codes: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E1, E2, N1 acupuncture by acupuncturists in central london city treatment also with cupping laser and tui na for ivf back pain sciatica headache in ec1 ec2 ec3 ec4 n1 nw1 e1 e2 w8 w2 w1



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Cosmetic Acupuncture:
Cosmetic Acupuncture is a natural alternative to botox injections.
The Cosmetic Acupuncture is used to rejuvenate the skin and muscles of the face.
cosmetic acupuncture effectively improves crows feet, deeper wrinkles, dull complexion, dark circles and sagging facial skin.
Special equipment is used during the cosmetic acupuncture treatments, which can also be used to benefit acne, cellulite and to firm abdominal skin after weight loss.

This is the acupuncture website for the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics
, but we have osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports massage, holistic massage, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, shiatsu, podiatry, tui na, manual lymphatic drainage, naturopathy, cranial osteopathy and beauty therapy.


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